What is a Keyboard Conversation? Sample Programs Title Highlights

Keyboard Conversations ® ...

...are concerts with lively commentary, an innovative format that differs from my traditional recitals and appearances as piano soloist with symphony orchestras, when I do not speak a word.

... are a concert-plus. A Keyboard Conversation is primarily a concert; each work on the program is performed in its entirety. As the significant plus, I speak briefly and informally to the audience before performing each composition, illustrating with a few pertinent musical examples from the keyboard. My hope is that the remarks I share will make the music more accessible, the listening experience more focused and meaningful.

... conclude with a brisk question and answer session, when audiences delight in the opportunity to participate. All questions are welcome!

... have broad, popular appeal. They consistently attract avid music lovers, who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of familiar works, and also reach out to newcomers to classical music, who are engaged by the entertaining, upbeat format.

... span more than 100 different titles. Repertoire can range from well-known chestnuts, such as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, to rarer gems, such as Leonard Bernstein's unpublished Meditation on a Wedding. Before performing a work, I invite listeners to consider such questions as, for example:

  • How was the music of Robert Schumann affected by his love life?
  • In Beethoven's immortal Für Elise, who was "Elise," and why did
    Beethoven write this "love poem" for her?
  • How was Brahms able to compose a monumental work based on only one very short melody?
  • Why didn't Chopin publish his popular Fantasie Impromptu?

After considering a few such intriguing questions and marveling at the ingenious ways inspired composers have created their masterpieces, members of the audience hear the music with a fresh perspective at the performance that follows. They feel they are now listening on the "inside track," experiencing a work as something more rewarding than a mere ear wash of sound.

Today, we read a great deal about the declining interest in classical music. I believe, however, that the transcendent dimension music adds to our lives is more necessary now than ever. As human beings, we need to be moved, affected and inspired - and if we lend an open ear and willing heart, great music can inspire us uniquely. The ever-expanding audiences for Keyboard Conversations throughout the United States reaffirm my conviction that this stimulating concert format makes friends for classical music and enriches listeners profoundly.

Keyboard Conversations are for anyone who loves music - or wants to love it even more. Attend a Keyboard Conversation - enrich your life with great music!